Empowering the Construction Workforce & Contractors

Construction Professionals Collaboration

Minority Contractors Collaboration (M.C.C) is about collaborating with construction industry professionals to build more productive businesses and a more knowledgeable workforce. We are helping professional start their own construction business, while providing the workforce needed to help their business grow!


  • Bonding
  • Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Business Plan Prep
  • Contracts
  • Workforce Training & Safety
  • Staffing & Recruitment and so much more!!

We are looking forward to collaborating with construction professionals to build a more purposeful and thriving  community. Don't go into business alone, we've got you covered!

Collaborate with Us!

It's time you follow your dreams and invest in yourself. Get the training and support  you need to be successful in the construction industry. We offer you the support you need from start-up to launching your very own Construction business. Click below to get more information.